The Great Regeneration

from Wailea to Wailuku to Wai’napanapA,

We will rise from the ashes. Together.

Regeneration in biology is the ability of a living organism to replace damaged or lost parts of the body from small fragments of the body. This principle is how Maui will survive and THRIVE.

How can ecology and economy be balanced on Maui?

There is a common belief that Maui cannot function without tourism. This is a half-truth. Maui need some tourism but too much tourism and quality of life goes down for EVERYONE.

“Ahupuaʻa is a Hawaiian term for a large traditional socioeconomic, geologic, and climatic subdivision of land.”

Returning to business-as-usual is not an option

For too long, Maui has been treated like a cash register and a theme park. No more. No more.

Listen to the wisdom and experience of the Elders

The Kingdom was built by living in harmony with the land and the sea. This way of life is still alive. 

Learn the basics of the AHUPUA'A system that must be restored

All the solutions we need already exist on Maui, we just need to get on the same page and work together.

Allow innovation in all sectors, diversify the economy

Here are ways to help, all of these are verified ways to help from Kanaka elders who lead us.


Majority of the island is still open for business. Here is a business directory sign-up form.


Help the helpers by spreading authentic, objective content to spread awareness and fundraise. 


We are not at this stage yet as we grieve. When we are, we will need the whole world behind us.